François Braud: Silver at the Nordic World Ski Championships


27 February 2015. Goal achieved! After the silver medal won by Maurice Manificat in the cross-country ski competition, the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships that took place at Falun (Sweden) on Thursday has prepared a new huge surprise for all the French supporters.

Warning: heavy snow falls expected in Chamonix!


Huge snow falls have been predicted to fall this week, looking likely to start tomorrow, Thursday,  29th Jan and to continue until Sunday, 1st February 2015.

The Office de Haute Montagne, have today released a warning to all skiers, snowboarders or anyone expecting to spend time on the mountain.

Protest Against Pollution this saturday in Chamonix


Massive presence 8 Feb 2014 is de rigueur at another protest against pollution of the Chamonix Valley!

The project that was launched by the Chamoniard Stéphane Sclavo is now supported by several environmental associations, ARSMB, Inspire, Black Nose, Environn'Mont-Blanc, together with the mayor of Chamonix and the deputy of Haute-Savoie.

The program: