"Snow next week in Chamonix", says Meteo France!!: "Taxi Chamonix"

Météo France predicts a "gradual release of the anticyclone" pattern of blue skies and mild temperatures in the coming days. "It's
been in the pipeline for several days now", says Météo France. "Bad weather & snow will be with us by the end of November and early December. " So, is this the end of the "Big Blue"?

It would seem so. In its "mountain" forecast, Météo France have announced, with a rather high confidence index, "heavy snow on Monday and Tuesday." Meanwhile, Yan Giezendanner predicts a couple of weeks (maybe even three weeks) of snowy weather, with the rain-snow altitude shifting between the altitude of Chambéry (ie 271m) and 1500 metres. "It will not give us the equivalent of previous good winters, but it should ensure a good season."